Lake Merritt AreaOakland,  CA 
Do you grow your own food?
No. However, some people do garden. There are some culinary herbs growing in the yard and two small lemon trees.

Do you have communal meals?
Sometimes.   When there is a hot meal available in the kitchen, residents often sit down together in the dining room.  It’s very informal and participation is entirely voluntary.

Are you an eco-commune?
No, but we lean that way.  Collectively we are a fraction of the carbon and environmental footprint that we would be were we all living in separate houses and apartments.  Moreover, we purchase recycled paper products whenever possible, we actively participate in the municipal recycling and composting programs, and we conserve water.  In addition, we often use recycled materials in our construction projects.

Are you polyamorous?
No.  Everyone in our community is free to enjoy whatever types of relationships bring them pleasure within the context of the one-no-vote.  Some of us are celibate, some are monogamous, others are single, and some have a range of relationships with other people. We think all forms of relationship, within the law, are right.

Are you government subsidized?
No. We are a for-profit group. 

Why is there an American flag in the front yard?
We’re grateful to live in a country that believes in creating a more perfect union and encourages the pursuit of happiness. 

Do residents pay rent? 
No.  The people who live in the house are participants in a course called More Socratic Dialogue, for which they pay monthly tuition.  When you move into our house you become a student in an on-going course on experimental group living.

Are there any rules?
We only have two rules: [1] don’t do anything you don’t want to do and [2] don’t put glasses on Vic’s floor. That second one comes down to respecting the wishes of your housemates. Of course, residents make agreements with each other on various aspects of living together. 

Can I come and visit?
Sure. Come to one of our events.  Aside from that, we only have visitors by appointment – we want to make sure we are home when you arrive. Sometimes people who come from out of town to do Morehouse courses stay with us.  These are the only people who stay with us who are not family or personal guests.

Can I live with you?
Although we aren't actively looking for new residents, there is always space here for people who are sincerely interested in our lifestyle. Usually, the first step is for people to get to know us and our community– by coming to parties and groovies at our house; by attending Mark Groups; and by taking Morehouse coursesThe reason that our lives are so good and that our group has thrived since 1968, is that our lifestyle is based on the More Philosophy. There are courses that explain the More Philosophy and summarize the results of our more than 50 years of research into many aspects of group living.  The courses are the most effective way to find out what we're up to. We strongly recommend the Basic Sensuality course.  After you have spent some time getting to know us, and you've already done Basic Sensuality, the next step would be to do Evaluacy: An Oakland Morehouse Guided Tour.  This is a two-week residential course during which you explore in depth how we live. You will learn about us, and we will learn about you.
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